BTP Automation aggregates and analyzes corporate travel hotel data from multiple sources to provide real-time visibility of hotel spend as well as provide a full end-to-end automated RFP continuous sourcing experience.

The result is an adaptive, automated, market centric, and data-driven hotel sourcing platform.
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BTP (Business Travel Performance) Automation is uniquely positioned to disrupt legacy travel program management through Intelligent Hotel Sourcing

BTP Automation has integrated with SAP Concur solutions to seamlessly provide their customers with the first-ever integrated solution to provide 100% visibility into pre-trip travel hotel data. Customers will leverage this data to increase their RFP buying power by integrating Concur Travel hotel data including TripLink room nights into their negotiation spend and monitor compliance to their preferred hotel rates.
  • SAP Concur customers will see a significant reduction in labor resources needed to manage their preferred hotel program.
  • SAP Concur customers will see increased travel compliance to policies and preferred hotel properties and strengthen buyer power by incorporating hotel bookings from any data source.
  • SAP Concur customers will realize quantifiable savings of at least 10% through comprehensive hotel sourcing and real-time compliance monitoring.
  • Through API integration with SAP Concur solutions, customers are able to automatically and dynamically negotiate and renegotiate RFP terms and conditions throughout your hotel program lifecycle.
BTP Automation works with Concur Travel – both Standard and Professional

The Problem

Each year corporations engage in the travel procurement process, negotiating rates, room-night commitments, and a variety of other terms with preferred hotels and hotel chains to implement a companywide hotel program. A hotel program typically remains static–regardless of local market conditions–until the next annual procurement cycle. Compliance to hotel policy is, on average, less than fifty percent due to a number of factors: the reservation was not booked through the proper channel, the wrong property was booked, the wrong room, etc. These all lead to an out-of-compliance booking which is costly for all parties involved.

In addition, the ability to include sustainability into your hotel sourcing decisions is nearly impossible as the data supporting a hotel's carbon emissions is not readily available.

The Solution

BTP has developed and launched BTP Index, the first and only adaptive business travel program management system. It is capable of automatically and dynamically renegotiating program terms and conditions throughout the hotel program lifecycle. BTP provides continuous data-driven refinement of the negotiated hotel program, considering actual travel patterns and changing market conditions.

BTP connects to multiple pre-trip and post-trip data sources, integrating the data on a daily basis to drive corrective actions and continuously fine-tune the hotel program without human intervention. BTP’s Saas model is exceptionally easy to implement, learn, and use, giving clients effortless access to the data and tools necessary to increase traveler compliance, monitor hotel conformance to agreed-upon terms, and renegotiate these terms as travel patterns and market conditions evolve.

The Solution

The BTP Index is the industry’s first and only data-driven, Intelligent Hotel Sourcing platform. Through pre-trip, real time, actionable data, the BTP index will automatically and dynamically initiate or renegotiated your hotel RFP as well as identify corrective compliance actions to help you keep your preferred hotels and rate in check.

BTP’s SaaS model is exceptionally easy to implement, learn, and use, giving clients effortless access to the data and tools necessary to increase traveler compliance, monitor hotel conformance to agreed-upon terms.

BTP also has you covered through our proprietary BTP Green Care Index that will help you drive sustainability and duty of care in your hotel program. We have partnered with the industry leader in Sustainability – Thrust Carbon, and the industry leader in Duty of Care– Sharecare, to create the first ever, automated hotel sourcing technology that allows corporate travel buyers to procure their preferred hotels based on key sustainability and duty of care factors.

The BTP Difference for Your Hotel Program


Collect and clean pre and post trip data from any source


Proprietary machine-learning driving real time corrective actions


Automation renegotiates program terms and conditions


Easy to use platform with 24/7 monitoring and instant index score


Real-time program savings, rate auditing and KPI tracking


Quantifiable cost saving on hotel spend

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