BTP will forever change the way corporate travel is managed.

Our Vision

BTP Automation is uniquely positioned to disrupt legacy travel program management through a modern, intelligent, and automated performance index.

BTP Automation is ready to change the way we work.
“Imagine having immediate access to information that relays the health of your entire travel program. Our performance index will deliver that, all in an elegant, powerful and automated way that will transform the way we manage travel.”
Fernando Avila, Founder of BTP Automation

Our Story

With an extensive background in corporate travel management and hotel procurement, BTP Automation is committed to revolutionizing the industry. Through full automation of both the compliance and corrective actions necessary to create real value, BTP will forever change the way corporate travel is managed.

For over 20 years, BTP Automation's Founder, Fernando Avila, has been a leader in progressive solutions to legacy corporate travel problems. His focus on corporate hotel procurement led to over a thousand hotel program implementations. His fully automated travel program management vision led him to the Founders of GetThere, Dan Whaley and Bruce Yoxsimer. Both have joined the BTP team to help make Fernando's vision a reality.

Leadership Team

Fernando Avila

Fernando is a 35-year veteran of business intelligence, corporate travel data management process and co-founder of the Business Travel Performance (BTP) Index. Fernando is pioneering an evolution that is changing the travel procurement focus from annual sourcing to strategic program management.

Bruce Yoxsimer

Buce is a 25-year travel industry veteran having owned and operated a corporate travel management company for 13 yeas before co-founding GetThere with Dan Whaley. GetThere built the first web connection to an airline reservation system, had a successful IPO in 1999 and subsequent acquisition by Sabre in 2000.

Dan Whaley

Dan is a 25-year web technology and product veteran. As a developer and entrepreneur, he started ITN/GetThere, the first online travel reservation company in1994. GetThere raised $125M in 4 rounds, IPO’d in 1999 (NASDAQ: GTHR), and sold to Sabre (NYSE: TSG) in 2000 for $770M.

Adam Levy

CTO Adam Levy has extensive experience making magic happen with data of all types. Before serving as BTP Automation’s CTO, Adam helped companies of all sizes put their data to work for them and transformed how data was used at Hertz Rent-a-car to optimize supply and demand decisions. Adam has a BS in Integrated Business and Engineering, an MS in Industrial Engineering, and an MBA from Lehigh University.
“Bruce and I automated online booking in 1995. Now, billions of trips use it every year. Why has it taken 25 years to do the same for corporate travel management? What Fernando has built with BTP will change everything.”
Dan Whaley, Founder of GetThere, Current Chairman of BTP Automation

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