Transforming corporate travel management
through automation

BTP Automation is uniquely positioned to disrupt legacy travel program management through a modern, intelligent, and automated performance index.

Meet BTP Automation

With an extensive background in corporate travel management and hotel procurement, BTP Automation is committed to revolutionizing the industry. Through full automation of both the compliance and corrective actions necessary to create real value, BTP will forever change the way corporate travel is managed.
Overall reduction in total hotel cost averaging 10-14%
Significant reduction in hotel program management labor through BTP’s automation capabilities
Total visibility into the hotel program and policy compliance

The Solution

BTP has developed and launched BTP Index, the first and only adaptive business travel program management system. It is capable of automatically and dynamically renegotiating program terms and conditions throughout the hotel program lifecycle.

The Difference


Collect and clean pre and post trip data from any source


Proprietary AI driving real time corrective actions


Automation renegotiates program terms and conditions


Easy to use platform with 24/7 monitoring and instant index score


Real-time program savings and KPI tracking


Quantifiable cost saving on hotel spend

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