I am often asked, "Why in the heck did you jump back into the corporate travel business?"

The answer is simple: There is another huge problem that causes a ton of pain in the industry and desperately needs a solution. So, I start thinking to myself, "If we can alleviate that pain for all entities by providing the right solution at the right time and build a wildly successful business in the process, the answer becomes obvious: Why wouldn't I jump back in?

At some level, BTP Automation is really the natural evolution of GetThere. If you are unfamiliar with GetThere, check it out here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GetThere  
At GetThere, we built end-users ability, whether leisure or corporate, to book their own travel. A significant, industry-changing piece of automation.

At BTP Automation, we have built a data-driven analytics and automation platform.  That may not sound glamorous, but trust me, it is because it is solving massive challenges for the corporate travel buyers, and their reception to what we have built has been overwhelming

At GetThere, we had hundreds of employees who all were owners who shared in the company's success. It is one of the things we were most proud of. At BTP, we are all owners and will all share in the company's success. That alone is worth coming back for.

Dan and I and the entire team at BTP are ready to take on the travel industry and solve more problems. I hope you will join us on this journey and become a part of our Investor Community.  You can find out more about our Crowd-Funding campaign here

Stay tuned for more content in the upcoming weeks!

- Bruce Yoxsimer

Why wouldn't I jump back in?